Plant a flower and you take care of it, plant a vegetable and it takes care of you.

To plant a perfect kitchen garden, you must have the right kind of tools to care for it. Similar to nurturing a baby, farming, by all means, requires the same level of patience and care, with each stage desiring different degrees of care. Only now, are people more conscious and eager to understand where their food comes from: was it treated right? Was it washed with pesticides causing it to lose all nutritional value? So on and so forth. As a substitute to this fear, there is a tremendous increase in people turning to their patio, backyards, and garden areas to grow thriving produce of fruits and vegetables. ShopWise lists 10 of the best available options to enhance the farmer in you.

  1. Space

Kitchen gardens can be set up anywhere, with pots, bottles, cans, boxes and crates. What is important, however, is that the plant must have the right light exposure, ventilation and soil. In case you don’t have enough space at your home to create a kitchen garden check out these smart rectangular pots available on Amazon.  This product has  great depth for the roots to flourish, and also harbour more than two or three varieties at a time.

Additionally, you can drill nails and create space for a vertical hanging garden; and yes, you can plant vegetables and fruits in a hanging pot! They’re just as pretty as flower pots, but will quite ideally, and literally, meet the “fruit of labour” clause. You can purchase the hanging pots and vertical garden pots  on

  1. Right soil

Only if your soil is fertilized, will the plant grow to its fullest potential. Having the right kind of soil is the foundation of farming. Check out the Ugaooo Brand vermicompost that is a rich supplement for the soil.

  1. Plant Seeds

Once you have the right space and soil ready, it’s essential you promptly study what kind of garden you require. Do you need fast growing vegetables? Or perhaps an organic variety of vegetables? Ensure to research the kind of fruit you wish to grow, and check to see it’s compatible to grow in the climate of your region – and check for alternatives!

You can grow medicinal herbs like Turmeric (Click here to find turmeric seeds online) , Coriander seeds (click here), Methi/ Fenugreek Seeds (click here) or vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli,  Cabbage, etc. (Click here). 

Depending on your preferences: faster growing plants or seasonal fruits, a wagon of variety is available on

  1. Pruner

There are always unwanted weeds and other shrubs that grow along with your plants. The Pruner is a gardener’s handy tool to clear out the same. It is also instrumental in cutting off vegetables, fruits and flowers from plants, without causing any damage to the branches. Its easy spring motion handle provides support and grip for much efficient use. The fast- moving pruner, Agro Pruning Shears, (Click here to know more) is an ideal pruner tool to buy online.

  1. Neem Concentrate Oil

It seems organic farming has taken over the scene of farming by storm. The Neem Concentrate oil is a herbal and organic pesticide for plants. It has to be diluted with water and can be sprayed on plants to protect them from fungal, spots, spiders, fleas etc. Available on (Click here to buy one). One can never miss buying organic pesticides to protect their garden and keep it safe without causing any harm to the environment.

  1. Gardening tool set

This gardening tool set is a must have for all vegetable growers! Available on Amazon (Click here to grab the offer).

This includes:

One of each, a small trowel, big trowel, cultivator, weeder, fork with scissors, and hand gloves! All of this comes in a sophisticated tool box, just to ensure you don’t misplace any tools, while you are busy and fully-focused when gardening.

This can also be an excellent gift for people who love gardening!

  1. Manual Grass Trimmer

If you have a compact kitchen garden, you can surely invest in a manual grass trimmer. Helps to cut off grass and weeds that grow around the plants with ease, the Manual Grass trimmer is also very easy to use and store. A well-cut garden always reflects the interest a person takes in planting and tending to their garden.

You purchase one of these Grass trimmers here 

  1. Seedlings Tray

Young seedlings are always planted in a batch before they are transferred into their respective pots. This is done to ensure the seedlings have an uninterrupted initial growth of sprouting and rooting. These saplings are maintained in seedlings trays. Each tray provides 30 to 50 small pots where the seeds are kept for gemination. Once they have a solid root length and stronger stem, they are transferred to bigger pots. You can purchase these seedling trays on Amazon. Click here for more details.

  1. Self Watering Device

For a compact kitchen garden you can use this self watering device.  One water source is used to water multiple plants. Ideal for when you cannot regularly water your plants, this self watering device pours water into the plants’ soil in precise quantities daily. You’ll only need to refill the water sources once or twice a week. Click here to purchase this product 

  1. Gardening Net

 Considering you grow your own fruits and vegetables, they need to be guarded, not only against weeds and pests, but also animals and direct sunlight. This gardening net is designed for your plants to breathe and ensure protection against these other factors. You can either make a standing covering greenhouse for the plants or you use it as covering. This cover is also useful to protect the plants from excess rainfall.

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