10 Essentials You Need to Buy to Be Monsoon-Proof.

The rains in India are uncertain. Some days, a bright sunny day will soon be shadowed with dark gloomy clouds that trickle a drizzle; it isn’t your fault that even after checking the weather forecast you’re drenched and soaking in the rain as you make your way back home from work.

Shopwise lists 10 essential items to keep you monsoon-proof!

  1. Umbrella

An umbrella is not only used during the rainy season but is as good of a UV protector when you walk in the sun. There are many types of umbrellas available these days. Some fold into small-sized packs which can be kept in your handbag or laptop bag easily, some are light to carry, etc. Regardless of which umbrella you pick, it will come in handy. Check amazon.com for top-notch quality umbrellas!

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  1. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Not all phones are built for water resistance and yes, not all of them will start working once you keep them for 3 days in a dry rice container. Easily available online, this small dry bag for your phone is a lifesaver! Many phones have been destroyed only because there wasn’t a protective cover over it. It is very essential to cover your electronics if you are planning to travel during the monsoon. 

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  1. Shoe Covers Dispenser

The corporate industry is ruthless when it comes to being flexible in dressing for the office during monsoons. You need to show up at work dressed the same way as you would on a bright spring Monday. Rains can super soil your shoes and affect the glue used in it. It causes early weathering even with good quality shoes of which you spent a huge sum purchasing. Try to save yourself from all the hustle by purchasing an automatic shoe cover machine. It will not only protect your shoes but also help in avoiding germs, insects, and bacteria to enter your feet and onto the skin.

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  1. WaterProof Laptop Bag

Laptop bags are cool bags that allow you to look fashionably professional, as well as help you carry your PC on the go. It is essential you have a waterproof laptop bag for all the seasons because if any of the rain seeps into your electronic device, it’ll be a hefty price to pay. Use your laptop on the go even during monsoon with the waterproof laptop bags available on Amazon.com

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  1. Poncho RainCoat

Do you remember the most difficult thing about wearing a raincoat as a kid? It was getting everything tucked in perfectly so the rainwater didn’t seep in. The new poncho-style raincoat is super trendy and is very easy to put on. You can just wear it like you would wear a long shirt. It covers your bag, your hands, and your body up to slightly below the knees. It provides great comfort while walking or running. You don’t have to worry about this product like you would with your traditional raincoat.

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  1. Emergency charging light

Rains in India are the favorite season for electricity boards. Most of the load shedding is done during the rains to avoid any mishaps during the waterlogging in various areas. An emergency light is very useful when there is no electricity during the night or late evenings. These devices are easy to charge and can be used for hours. The inverter charge can be spared and an emergency light can be used instead. This is available in two to four LED tubes and its functions are easy to use.

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  1. A Hair Dryer

Every bathroom these days has a dresser and an electric connection. You can fix your small hair dryer to their line and style your rain-soaked wet hair. You can’t always flaunt a messy hair bun in the name of style. A compact hairdryer is always useful to dry your hair. Sitting in the office or home with the cold weather and wet hair will only make you fall sick. Keep your hair away from the monsoon harm with a gentle and compact hairdryer. One such dryer is the Asperia 2000W hairdryer with hot and cold air features for careful drying of your hair.

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  1. Waterproof Makeup

There are a multitude of makeup products on Nykaa India which are waterproof. Get your slaying look even during the rains without having a fear of smudging the makeup and looking more like a cookie monster! A proper waterproof makeup product is designed to suit your skin during the monsoon. It doesn’t allow the makeup to enter your skin pores and stays intact. If you use regular makeup products during the rains it will only clog your skin causing pimples. You can purchase a bundle of these products online from Nykaa and pamper your skin during the harsh rainy season.

An in-demand product is Maybelline’s ‘New York Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara.’ It provides good length to your lashes and gives your eyes that instant smoky look or light brush use for a professional day look. All of this without the fear of smudging the eye makeup!

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  1. Mosquito Repellent

Clogged and Stillwater are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. To save yourself from this infestation, it is essential you keep mosquito repellent at home always. Rainwaters on the street and sidewalks already are very contaminated which causes health issues like diarrhea but mosquitoes are capable of even higher damage to health due to Malaria and Dengue. It is also very important to check the house surroundings to ensure that there is no reason for waterlogging and the collection of water due to the rains. Lastly, one can always use the Godrej Good Knight mosquito repellent. When switched on it releases vapourised anti-mosquito liquid and averts the mosquito from entering the house through doors and open windows.

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  1.  Car Rainproof films

The driver’s vision of the road can get distorted due to the rain covering the side windows of the car – a major reason for car accidents during the monsoon. Keep yourself and your car safe with the ‘Car Frill Rainproof Car Window Film’. It is a rain, fog, and snowproof sticker and keeps the windows clean by sliding down the rainwater quickly without it accumulating on the glass window. A small change with this purchase can actually save you and your family’s life.

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