A woman’s lounge is much more varied than any other clothing. It should match the clothing, look for contrast, strapless or without or without pads… there are many options to choose from!  You can look your best only when you have fixed the proper bra inside your t-shirt. Here’s a quick look at the different types of bras you could own as per your clothing style

  1. Padded Wireless bra

When padded bras took over the market, they came with small metal wires in them. Only with a few washing cycles, the cloth would wear off slowly making it dangerous for the wire to pop out and hurt your skin. These wireless yet padded bras are the best inner bra anyone can ask for. Give a height boost to your breast and don’t be afraid of the metal or plastic wire hurting you. Breathe free all day in these elegant ways. 

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  1. Padded worked bra

You cannot ignore the fact that wired bras provide the lift needed to hold the breast and not make them look saggy. Wireless bras used with care provide the breast with proper balance and level under your kurti or t-shirt.  These bras are also available in a number of different colours that you can choose from. It’d be a great addition to your closet!

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  1. Wired strapless bra

All the off-shoulder dresses you wear require a sturdy strapless bra. The ‘Pretty Cat’ wireless pushup bra is the best option. You get detachable straps with these bras. Available in several colours that can improve your outfit, face the world with confidence with your off shoulder top or blouse in this strapless wired bra.

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  1. Non-Wired T Shirt bra

T-shirts make a woman look confident. That confidence also comes from a perfect bra. You can jump around, play, and hop in these double layers non wired bra. It will give you a smooth look from the front of your t-shirt which would otherwise look messy in a normal cotton bra. If you are plus size, this bra can work wonders for you as it has no wire that will be pressed under the weight of your breast. You’ll have no rashes or pain at the end of the day. 

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  1. Soft and Sheen wired medium push up bra

If you’re not looking to overdo your bust when it comes to clothing, you can go for a medium push up bra. It is wired and has a sigh cushion to give your breast a rise. It looks beautiful under t-shirts and kurtis. The normal bras make your breast look flat and extra push up may tend to look even funnier. Look your best in this medium rise wire bra

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  1. Padded  bra with 3/4 coverage

Light padded bras with medium coverage, wired for the perfect support as the bra doesn’t fully cover your breast. You can wear this bra under t-shirts and formals . Available in  colours of peach, maroon and beige. These bras can also be worn under sheer material t-shirts or as beachwear.

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  1. Full coverage bralette 

Non-padded bras, these come with a double layer for support and nipple coverage. You need not worry about any bra malfunction when you wear this bra, it gives your back complete support especially if you use it. Beautifully laced, and classy, this bra gets a 10/10 for its looks. They also come with pockets in case you feel the need to add pads before you move out.

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  1. Sequence bra

A party wear bra, which you can wear under a sheer top or crop top or just a bra. It looks fabulous with the sequence work that reflects light making you the center of attention. You can also adorn this bra with a jacket and high waist pants. It has full support with the detachable straps for you to dance away all night long. It comes with in-built pockets if you need to add pads for extra comfort.

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  1. The summer bounty lace padded and wired bra

This medium padded with a bra is something you should have in your closet. Impeccable lace on the back, not only does it look great but also provides support to your breasts. It looks super fabulous under sheer tops, banyan t-shirts. You can also simply wear this bra on a beach day. 

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  1. Curve and no-spill padded bra

For your daily wear, you can opt for the Zivame true curve ‘No spill’ padded bra. It has medium pads to cover the nipple and provide good support. If you are used to long travel and outdoors, this bra can provide you with good support and comfort all day. The broad belts are good for the spine and don’t give you back pain.

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