A wardrobe consists of things most precious, like designer wear, a pricey handbag, an embellished top etc. All of these attractive pieces, yet when you head out you pick your quick white t-shirt or overused rugged jeans from Zara. A wardrobe always consists of items which girls swear they can’t live without. No matter the number of additions done to the wardrobe these things need to be updated and stocked as they are the most used.

Here are 15 such essential items that must be there in a woman’s wardrobe:

  1. A well fitting denim

Denim was a game changer in the ‘80s. It has gone through various design trends like boot cuts, bell bottoms, and the most recent and trending being slim fit; Jeans give your body a definite shape and make you look slimmer and the skin a bit more firm. You can always invest in  good quality denim which can be used frequently. A blue denim is the most preferred, it can be matched with any colour and pattern shirt, blouse or kurti. Jeans are a lifesaver when we do extensive travelling as we can depend on its quality and comfort. 

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  1. White tee

A plain white tee can be used on any pair of pants. Denim, formals, skirts and jumpsuits, so many options but it is easier for you to pick this white tee and get ready in no time! when you can think of nothing but a basic look, kill it with the right accessories, a white t-shirt can always act as a basic top for you to dress and be ready in no time.you can always improve your plain look with some stunning pieces of jewelry, jacket or a signature handbag. Cotton white t-shirts are the best for all seasons. One can never have too few plain white t-shirts in their wardrobe.  

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  1. Little Black Dress

Black is the colour to slay. It makes you look slimmer and taller. This colour works like magic when it comes to clothing. A black dress can be worn to formal events, the office and also to cocktail parties. Easier to dress well in a black dress, all you have to do is get the right shoes and accessories; pair it up with stilettos for a cocktail party or bright colour ballet flats for a movie night with friends. Black can easily hide small defects in your dress and it usually goes unnoticed.

This polka dot sleeved dress is a wonderful addition to your black dress collection. It is polyester weaved and has a sheer polka dot panel.   

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  1. Ballet Flats

Gal Gadot, the Isralei-American actress who starred in the Wonder Woman series, is a huge fan of ballet flats and exclusively flaunts these at her red carpet appearances. She always supports the cause that fashion needs to make women feel comfortable! This Beige PU ballet flats by Addons is a super add-on to your collection. Ditching the old basic flats one can always go for beige, it goes well with brown, black, blue, maroon pants all while giving a sleek look.You can wear these at work or at a party or any outing as it is very much comfortable to walk in these for quite some time.

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  1. Denim Jacket

Compared to all the other jackets in a wardrobe, it is easier to rely on a denim jacket. It goes well with any pants, but matches best with jeans as they are of the same material. It is very low maintenance and can be cleaned with a simple wash. It can be used in all seasons as it provides good ventilation during summer because of the material, and is a good overcoat during winters to save you from the chill. The ‘Montrex’ denim full sleeve jacket is one of Nykaa’s best-selling denim products. High number of customer satisfaction reviews makes this denim Jacket a popular must-have clothing for all seasons.

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  1. Sunglasses

One must always invest in a good pair of sunglasses. There is a visible difference between low quality sunglasses and UV ray glasses. UV protective glass protects your eyes from harmful blue light from the solar spectrum – the eminent reason for macular degeneration. When you drive a lot during the day time and the bright light hits your eyes, they find it difficult to adjust to driving at night due to the darkness.The harmful UV rays are also responsible for cataracts.

The sunglasses also complete the look for a daytime outing be it shopping or meeting up at a cafe. These ‘Fast Track’ sunglasses are available on Amazon.com. UV protected and brown-lensed, ideal for women of all ages.

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  1. Black Trousers

Black trousers of any design can go a long way to make your look feel polished and bold at the same time. If you are attending the office, client meetings, or even a cocktail party, you can throw an assembly in no time once you decide to wear  black trousers. There is not much thinking to do as any colour matches well with black trousers. The ‘Go Colour’ brand black trousers is one such product. It is made with an elastic waist so it is flexible on the abdomen and is comfortable for the skin.

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  1. Tote Canvas Bag

The grab-all bag is a heavy duty bag with amazing quality to carry all the things you need for an outing. From a laptop to a camera, to a personal diary, this fashionable bag can be carried easily and is fun to look at. It gives a fresh look to your get-up. Unlike heavy laptop bags which provide a completely different statement,this white tote bag has a canva print on it. It also has a good weight-to-strength ratio as it is capable of carrying slightly heavy products in one bag.

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  1. A Summer dress

Summer reminds us of bright colours, florals, and bold designs. You don’t need a season to wear a summer dress, you just need to feel bright and right to wear a flowy summer dress. A light weight cotton dress with minimal work on it is an ideal summer dress. You can feel the buoyancy flow in your attitude once you put this dress on. We have selected an exclusive summer dress from Amazon.com that will end your hunt for the perfect summer dress!

This black ‘U.S Polo’ dress with bright peach and red flowers amplifies your sophisticated summer look. You can pair it up with a denim jacket during winters. 

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  1.  A pencil skirt

If you have been watching Netflix Series’ like ‘Parks and Recreation’ or ‘Suits’ you will only come to adore the way a pencil skirt justifies a woman’s figure. The pencil skirt teamed up with a formal top or shirt makes you look attractive and speaks volumes of the gifted curves you have. Unlike the jeans the pencil skirt tapers towards the knee making you look much more slimmer from waist to knee. You can wear a pair of skin coloured stockings or black stockings to protect your legs from catching a chill or getting dry. This pencil skirt is available on Amazon in black colour. It can be mixed and matched with any and all types of shirt and shirts.

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  1. Bright Coloured scarf

Scarves can be used in multiple ways. You can wear it as a stole around the neck, you can cover your bust with the scarf falling on your front from the neck down, you wear it as a quick bandana, you can use it as a mini dupatta. A bright coloured scarf with pastel or light colours is a good contrast and instantly changes the mood of your look from dull to vibrant. This yellow colour scarf can easily be used on pastel colours like blue, green, pinks. It will only amplify the look of the dress. You do not need any accessory as your neck to bust is covered with this beautiful scarf!

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  1. Block heels

Block heels are extremely comfortable shoes. You can wear them all day and yet not feel any pain in your feet. You can run and move easily over steps as there is good support for your legs. The block heel is good for the health of your feet. Unlike pencil heels which cause long term joint pain –  directly related to lower back pain. We love the chic look from ‘Signature Sole’, a state-of-the-art sandal. The bright colours blocked-heel sandal can be worn on jeans, trousers and even on skirts. The colors gel with plain as well as designed shirts.

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  1.  A sweat suit

A jogger tracksuit can be used for exercise but it is more of a travel statement these days. They are super comfortable when you travel. A jacket with pants can be worn at all times. You can sleep in it and also exercise in it. A pair of sweatsuits is essential when you travel by air or have long hours of flight. They come in elegant designs and material. ‘Juicy Couture’ has made sweatsuits all the more fashionable. They picked this exercise clothing and made striking beautiful pieces. You can never miss having one in your wardrobe.

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  1. A Black belt

A staple for every pant is a black belt. A black belt can be used on all and any coloured pants. You can purchase black belts in various designs but a simple black belt is an essential addition to your wardrobe. You may need it at any time or place. A belt on a pant gives it a smart and polished look. People may avoid wearing a belt but it increases a chance to amplify the look of your pants. It provides a border difference between your shirt and the pants. This small buckle black belt from Amazon is made of good quality and soft material.

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  1. Pearl Drop Earrings

Speaking of essential accessories, the pearl earring is very easy to find and looks amazing on all dresses. They are a standard pair used most commonly in the hospitality industry as the design is bold and not at all jazzy for an attire. When you want to go simple, yet leave a fashion statement, alway opt for a pair of pearl earrings. The pearl drop earring by Ferosh is available on Nykaa. The pearls embedded in gold plated metal give a very royal look to these earrings. These go well on ethnic as well as western wear.

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