After WW2, there was a sharp rise in the number of women going to work in offices and attending meetings in public places. Women were always told what looks good on them and the dress code was always expected to be followed. The fear that women would lose their minds and have a free hand on what they wore, it was already programmed in their mind that pastel shades, less bright colors, and simple skin toned stocking with plain black shoes would do the trick. However, since then, workplace dressing has come a long way. Women can wear clothes they feel comfortable in. Bright bold colors, and prints, and whatever suits them the best. Here’s a ShopWise guide to upgrade your wardrobe:

  1. Bye Bye Pastels

Pastel colors do give a nice royal look. The plain and light-colored clothing is every bit of what office wear can be. But it is also high time your wardrobe sees more than pastel workwear. You can always try yellow, orange, mellow pinks, reds, and greens. Not only should you upgrade to these colors but also learn and feel the positivity and energy these colors carry. You may work in Finance or be a lawyer or a doctor, but a bright color will always light up your mood and also the people around you. It is time to give the dull pastels a break and move to more vibrant colors!

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  1. Give up on ‘One-Size-Fits-all’ Trousers

The easy way out to buy clothes these days is to purchase from the “one size fits all” category of clothing. However, every woman has a different shape, there are features on the body that can be enhanced while something can be shaded. When it comes to trousers, women will always go for a size that can stretch, to be able to fit a maximum of themselves into it every morning when not thinking much. But if you really want to make a statement with your clothing you can always purchase tailored pants which can go well with a matching or contrast top. When was the last time you thought you could wear a pink bold pair of pants?

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  1. Pencil Skirt

A formal pencil skirt will consist of either plain or checkered material. You can always vouch for various designs available in this category. Some of these skirts come with a flared bottom, some with a slight cut design or a printed material which can match with a plain top. When you are looking to upgrade your work style you can look for more trendy and designer skirts available online.

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  1. Not so formal blazer

We won’t recommend you give your black jacket away. We are certainly sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe. If you’re trying to spice up your look, you can order these unconventional blazers from Bright red, blues, and green colored blazers can be mixed and matched with your shirt. You can use these bright color blazers for your office presentations and meeting with clients. It gives off a friendly yet sophisticated look and speaks volumes of your creativity – as your clothing reflects this. You don’t need a designer to let you know how to pull off this look.

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  1. Ethnic Kurti and Pajama

We can adorn Indian wear at work like never before. A blend with the western clothing, and Indian materials and design, creates a perfect workwear style. Hundreds of designs are available online to choose from for either a Kurti and or a pair of pants. Word of advice: Kurtis work best with pure cotton material. It is the most comfortable and can easily move around in it. The body is beautifully covered so you can sit, bend, and pick things up without having to worry about any mishap. If you have a thing for ethnic wear you can select from a wide range of this style available on

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  1. An out of the ordinary dress

Here’s a look at Nykaa’s beautiful blue dress which has ruffled sleeves. The beautiful pastel blue color makes it look no less than a royal affair. The satin material makes movement in the dress easier. It is not a figure-hugging dress and turns all the focus on your upper body and face, you can wear some beautiful diamond earrings and light-colored shoes to complete this look. When upgrading your wardrobe, look for more patterns and colors, as dresses are feminine and can make your look even more sharp and fresh at the same time.

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  1. Saree

From Chanda Kochar to Sudha Murthy, some of India’s leading ladies have paved their way, wearing the ethnic Indian Saree at their workplace. You can always look for a simple material with a bold design saree for your workplace. It doesn’t need to be plain and dull in color. A saree worn properly can be one of the most comfortable work outfits. Don’t keep sarees as on option only for special days like Diwali and public holidays. Get your game look on with this wonderful Indian wear at least once a week. The more you wear it the more comfortable you will be, In no time you have a style statement of your own.

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  1. Jumpsuit

This onesie jumpsuits come in various designs for evening wear to office wear. It is essential you don’t mix both of these types together. Evening wear jumpsuits are more sheer, fancy layers and ruffles, while the workwear a bit less material and simple design. A jumpsuit needs to be slightly loose and free-flowing, unlike the party wear which is tight and may have deep neck and off shoulders. Since you need to be comfortable in your workspace you can go for a simple jumpsuit like this one available on Else you will look like a woman in a spidey-suit walking around in the office!

 You can wear contrast pastel coloured shoes with small earrings  to complete this look

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  1. Wide Legged Pants

These pants have made their comeback from the ‘90s. The wide-legged pants can be ankle length or ¾th in size. The pants show the beauty of your curves and give an illusion of longer legs if they are above the ankle. It is just the right height where there is enough space given to notice your shoes as well. A wide-legged pant with a fighting shirt and bespoke shoes gives this simple wear a royal and polished look. There are many types of wide-legged pants available online in various colors and patterns. You can select the ones which suit your body type the best

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  1. A Crisp Shirt

A wardrobe is incomplete without a crisp shirt. Nothing beats a fresh start on a Monday with a crisp shirt and trouser. A well ironed and laundered shirt gives you a feeling of perfection. You have always looked and wondered at people who manage to keep their shirt intact until the end of the day. You too can join the team by having a crisp shirt day once a week. A wide range of designs are available online. ‘Rayon’ being the best material for shirts these days as the material doesn’t crumple easily. Else, you can go for this blue cotton shirt with ethic designed buttons. 

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