Time management, academic pressure, the quick run between classes, giving up on social life for a few months, and COVID 19. The students of the graduation class of 2020 have been through one of the most challenging times. Let’s celebrate their win with a list of gift ideas for the graduating students who made it big this year.

A Laptop bag

Did you ever fall for your free laptop bag? A good laptop bag with enough space for additional books is a perfect graduation budget gift. It is easy to commute with a good and sturdy laptop backpack. There is a wide variety of bags in Nykaa.com that you can choose from. A more professional bag for a college graduate and a sporty one for someone heading to college. Our pick is the sporty bag from Nykaa for its bold looks and the color is vibrant and unisex. You won’t need to worry much about the rains as this bag is water-resistant and keeps your valuables safe

A Branded Sneaker

A happy Graduate deserves a good sneaker. A variety of which are available on Nykaa.com. The most common footwear used in college is a sneaker. It is comfortable to move around in it. From hopping on the bus and the metro, there is nothing as comfortable as a good sneaker to make it an easy commute. This sneaker is a unisex sneaker from Addidas. It has a lace tie up that you can adjust as per your requirement. There is enough cushion on the sole to keep your feet from getting tired and weary

Stationery Set or Planner

New year brings new dreams and new ideas. What better way to note it down with a diary and pen set. Let the budding grads pen down their dreams. Online stores have dairies from June-2020 to May 2021. There are various dairies available online. You can look for diaries that come with a planner, with blank pages to sketch, an inbuilt calculator to keep track of expenses, or a quick calculation. We have a sample diary that might be a perfect graduation gift for your loved one. It has a planner, planner charger, and space to keep a calculator as well.

A Classic Watch

Everyone has a smartwatch these days. It has always been a tradition to gift a classic watch. From the Dan Brown books series Robert Langdon held a Mickey Mouse watch close to him that was gifted by a family member and in the movie Three Idiots, a watch was given a beautiful meaning to show a relationship held dear between a mother and a daughter. Classic watches are timeless. In an overloaded market of smartwatches, we have selected this classic watch for man. They can hold dear to them this piece of art on their journey to higher education and the real-world.

A Good Set of Headphones

Have you watched The Internship? I completely understood a different meaning to headphones after watching it. There is a character (Josh Gad), who wears a set of headphones, the entire time. He would use it only to have a better concentration. In the end, it was revealed there was no music playing ever. A good set of headphones can be your travel buddy. Just hit play to the single that has been buzzing around. Online studies focus in the education lobby has increased multiple folds and communication through online channels can be made much easier with a quality headset. It is one great graduation gift for students with an interest in music and podcasts.

This headphone from Bose is our excellent pick. It is an epitome of quality.

A 1 TB hard drive

It is not always feasible to keep huge reference books, notes, and lecture videos at the mercy of your laptop storage capacity. It will only slow down the system. Having a storage drive will always be helpful. You can carry it around and it can store tons of data without hampering the laptop’s performance. There is an external HD available from 1 TB to 5tb. They are easy to use and manage as well. It will be a perfect gift for. Students who are continuing their education. With online education being more prevalent these days an external Hard Drive comes very handy. You can select from a variety of options that are available on Amazon. Com. This Lenovo external Hard Drive is the ultimate graduation gift choice. 

A mobile Phone

It may sound like a very common gift item. For some of them, this might be the first time to be using a mobile phone independently. Keeping in mind the budget and use of the phone there are plenty of options to choose from on Amazon. Com. They offer great deals and discounts on mobile phones of all ranges and brands.

 Like the Samsung Galaxy M21. It has 4GB RAM and inbuilt 64GB of storage. It has three cameras 48 MP, 8 MP & 5MP at the rear, and a 20MP front camera. Super AMOLED Infinity U cut display and a 2340×1080 16m color display. 

MS office essentials pack

An updated version of the MS office pack will be incredibly useful for students. They can use various tools from MS office to incorporate it into their regular studies. From Excel to PowerPoint the office pack makes a good gift choice. It makes a great graduation gift for students.  As support for their educational development, you can place an order for this product online from Amazon.com and they will never thank you enough for this thoughtful purchase for them.

Samsung Smart Monitor

Working on a laptop can get uneasy. Working longer hours and staring at a small screen with shoulders leaning in together doesn’t help the posture either. This smart monitor from Samsung can be connected to your laptop with an HDMI cord. You can fix this monitor on your desk and use it to view your laptop screen. It has brightness adjustment and height adjustments. You can have a better and larger view of your laptop screen. This is a wonderful graduation gift for students who work continually on a laptop. They can have a better posture and Improve their productivity with an incredible view of their laptop screen.

Self Help books

For a recent graduate who is an avid reader, books can never be few or too many. Self-help books are great to boost the morale of students who are stepping in a new year or a new college environment. For readers, self-help books are like meditation. With all the anxiety and pressure that kicks in with the new year, these books can help balance it out by keeping them calm and assembled mentally to deal with the chaos outside. You can find a comprehensive set of these on Amazon. This 4 set of books is available on Amazon in a combo pack