Greta Thunberg said “ I want you to act as if your house is on fire, because it is” 

Indeed we write this article when there is a massive oil spill in the Indian Ocean. As humans, we have not only taken from earth but have taken at a rate of exploitation. There needs to be an eco-friendly change in our behavior towards the planet. Treat it like a breathing living being. Here are a few things that you need to consider to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cotton Net Bags for Vegetables

The Indian government put a nationwide ban on single-use plastic in 2019. Encouragement was provided for the use of cloth bags. But if you still need a plastic bag while you shop think again about the devastation as a result of the use of polythene bags. These bags take centuries to decompose. This bag from Double R comes with built-in pockets that you can use to keep different vegetables that your shop from the market place. It is durable and waterproof. Click here to purchase from

Cloth Shopping Bag

Cloth bags can carry various items. There is a wide variety of cloth bags available online. This bag from Arka is a reusable 100% cotton bag. You can save plenty of plastic from going to waste by keeping a cotton bag handy. Click here to purchase this bag online from

Grass Broom

There is a need for vacuuming the carpet on the floor in cooler regions. Advertising vacuum cleaners as a necessity even though India doesn’t have extremely cold temperatures is ironic. You can move on to using a grass broom instead. It is an eco-friendly choice. It reduces your electricity bill, gives you a small workout, and is a fraction of what the vacuum cleaner costs. Click here to purchase grass broom online from

Biodegradable Disposable garbage bags

We can replace normal polythene bags to biodegradable bags for garbage disposal. Made from plant extract and compost the bags are environment friendly. The Amazon brand Presto is odorless and nontoxic. Click here to purchase it from

Glass tiffin boxes

There are many benefits of using a glass tiffin box instead of a plastic one. When it comes to convenience we use plastic. Comparatively, glass is better recycling material. Glass is environmentally friendly. Plastic is not good to use in a microwave for heating food. When heated harmful chemicals from plastic enter the food.

Check out this Borosil glass tiffin box set available on It has a set of 4 containers, enough to store a days lunch. Click here to purchase 

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo is naturally biodegradable. Just imagine the number of toothbrushes you have used and thrown since childhood is still somewhere in a landfill which will take years to decompose. Switch to these biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. This is a set from Rusabl. It has 4 toothbrushes with have charcoal bristles that remove the plague from the tooth. And whiten the teeth. The unique design on each toothbrush can help you and your family members identify their unique toothbrush. Click here to purchase it online from

Copper Water Bottles

Copper Bottles are way better than glass bottles. The plastic bottle has no benefits in comparison to both glass and copper bottles. Essential Minerals required by the body are present in copper. Every human body requires 0.9 mg of copper. Copper has an Oligodynamic effect, which means it kills bacteria and microorganisms present in the water. Copper boosts brain activity and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Why would anyone in the right mind even adopt a plastic bottle? We need to go back to our roots and use a copper water bottle.Click here to purchase a bottle from

Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo grows quickly and as a result, can be harvested regularly. It can naturally decompose into the soil. Plastic, on the other hand, can end up in a landfill and stay there for years. It is heat and cold resistant material. Your bamboo spoon won’t get hot or cold according to your food. ‘The Happy Turtle’ cutlery set is eco-friendly. The set includes a spoon, a knife, and straw that are all made from bamboo. A straw cleaner is provided for resuing the straw. This one set you can keep with you while on the go to void using plastic spoons, knives, and multiple stars that end up in the ocean. A cute bag that holds these items is also an eco-friendly one.Click here to purchase The Happy Turtle bamboo cutlery products from

Paper Stationery

An eco-friendly way to avoid using plastic pens. We write and misplace hundreds of pens in our lifetime that end up causing damage to the environment. Hold a paper pen with you at a time to avoid using plastic ones. This small step will move towards the lesser use of plastic molded pens. BioQ has a plantable stationery that comes in a jute bag. Once you have used the pen or pencil you simply add them to the soil consequently it will grow into a plant as there are seeds stored in them. If these pends end up in a landfill it will only end up making it greener. Click here to purchase this item from

Laundry Basket

Eco-Friendly laundry basket can replace a big plastic item in your house. Bamboo material used in manufacturing the Home Storie laundry basket. This heavy-duty bamboo basket is excellent in quality in comparison with plastic ones. The HomeStorie bamboo products are a step towards making home storage items eco friendly. Click here to purchase the laundry basket from