Bathrooms are one of the least decorated spaces in the house. Especially if you have moved to a smaller apartment in the city, it is challenging to accommodate traditional bathroom furniture & accessories to keep up with the space. Check out these bathroom accessories to give your bathroom more space and air to breathe.

A wooden spectacle Holder

How often have you entered a washroom and were confused about keeping your glasses? Moreover, afraid to keep it on the basin so that it won’t get any marks or worse fall and break. Give your guest a unique way to hold their glasses while they quickly freshen up at basin with this spectacle holder. A Sheesham wood product can be kept on top of the basin as a bathroom furniture so you can easily place your glasses while you wash your face. Click here to purchase this product from

Silver Toned Paper Towel Holder

If your apartment didn’t come with a paper Towel Holder, there is no need to panic. You can hang this metal paper towel holder by fixing it on to your flush. It will give it an excellent grip because of the heavy ceramic make of the flush cover, and you can easily unroll the tissue towards you. Additionally, it saves space by eliminating the paper towel holder on the wall. This bathroom fitting saves a lot of space. Click here to purchase this metal paper towel holder from

White and Silver Tined Bathroom Caddy

Keep your shampoo and conditioner always handy when you shower with this caddy. It has a non-slip grip. So there is no fear of the products falling off the shower pipe after a few days due to moisture. A simple yet useful bathroom fitting to save space and leave more room to add additional decorative pieces to make your bathroom look cozy. Click here to purchase this product online from

Over Cabine Haircare Station Chrome

Keep your hot-iron, hairdryer, and curler fixed inside the bathroom cabinet with this handing haircare station. You don’t need to store these devices in your cupboard and bring them to the bath when required. Similarly, can easily take the dryer from this Chrome station to dry your hair and quickly place it back. These products save you a lot of space and keep your products organized. It surely adds an impression on anyone who gets to see this arrangement in your cabinet. Click here to purchase this product from

Wooden Hand Painted Toothbrush and Towel Holder

Adding to the much-needed earthly touch to your bathroom fittings, you can undoubtedly adorn this wooden piece of toothbrush cum napkin holder. The Warli art on this wooden art piece will surely give you the natural feel. It comes with a frosted finish, so it is water safe, and you can install this near to your basin—an elegant and regal piece of art product for your bathroom. 

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Bath Toys Organiser

My adult, sophisticated bath was soon a kid’s toy area when I had my child. I have certainly picked up a toy or two while searching for a hand shower or shampoo bottle. Let the kids have most of their fun in the bathroom while you efficiently organize their toys in this blue sturdy bath toy holder. No number of rubber duckies will be moving around your bathroom once you get hold of them and get used to keeping them back in the toy organizer. There is a suction mounting for this product so that you can adjust the height and placement of this product.

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Bath Mat

If your bathroom tiles don’t have grip tiled surfaces, you can add these mats near to the WC and bath area. So you can stand firm. Falling in the bathroom can be fatal as most of the time, the surface is wet or moist. Keep yourself safe by installing these bathmats. They have suction cups at the bottom that grip to the floor and don’t move quickly.

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Single theme bathroom Accessories.

You may purchase the best items from different stores, not keeping in mind a continuous theme for the bathroom. Some people manage to keep it all metal or a fixed color theme. But this bathroom fitting accessories hamper includes toothbrush holder, Dustbin, washing brush, soap Dish, soap Dispenser all in a single design. It looks much better when you have managed to add a theme to your bathroom furniture rather than adding the best of the things which tend to look confusing when seen together.

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Automatic toothpaste dispenser and five holes toothbrush holder

This automatic toothpaste dispenser works with vacuum technology. It gives you a nonmessy toothpaste flow during each use. Additionally, it works until the full tube of toothpaste has been replenished. Likewise, it is an easy way to start your morning with less mess on your hand. Also, this parody holds up to 5 toothbrushes. It is best to keep the bristles locked and away from moisture during the day, so there is no bacteria built up—an advantageous product for your home when you have young kids. As a result, of quick learning to use the automatic toothpaste dispenser instead, they try to squeeze the paste out.

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Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Arrange your creams, shaving essentials, medicines, razors, and other personal care products all in one place. The Bathroom fitting cabinet is a must-have because it allows you to be self-organized in keeping things in place. It keeps your bathroom clutter-free. This product from Cinplast is available on It has vertical and horizontal storage spaces. You can stay long, moisturizer bottles to medical cream tubes all in one place. It does give a sophisticated look to your bathroom furniture.

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