One of the best things to look at when you get home from a hard day’s work is a well-done bed, with a welcoming bedsheet set. A perfect fit cotton sheet on your bed gives you a good nights sleep. In addition, 100% Cotton sheets lets your skin breath. A beautiful bedsheet adds to the interior design of your house. India prides itself on exporting top quality bed sheets all over the world.

Beds occupy a rather ample space of the room, and it is essential to keep it well decorated with a beautiful piece of bedsheet and pillow covers. We have built a list of bedsheet sets that you can look out for when you pick your next cotton sheets.

Geometric Design bed sheet

Geometric design bedsheets make your bed look more wider and bigger. If you have a large room, you can use these bedsheets to enhance the look of your bed. These cotton sheets from amazon have a beautiful diamond shape design. The bright colors make it look sprite and lively. Amaze your guests with this set of bedsheets with pillow covers set. Click here to purchase

Rajasthani Design Bed sheet

Given and Indian touch to your room with this Jaipuri design 240 thread count bed sheet set. Made with 100% cotton fabric. This bedsheet from Jaipur Fabrics is a great cotton sheet to put on your bed during a festive season or any special occasion. It builds a vibrant feel for your room. This bed sheet will make your guests ask you twice for the brand and store you purchased it. Pepperfry has a wide variety of Rajasthani bed sheets available on their store. Click here to buy this lovely blue bedsheet from PepperFry.

A Floral Bed sheet

Floral Designs, by default, are one of the bed sheets sets we all own. Similarly, this design on the complete bed sheet makes it a congested feeling if you have a smaller room. However, if you chose the designs with the right design placed accurately at the right places on the bed sheet will make your bed more pleasant and welcoming. This bed sheet from Sleep Dove is available on Firstly, the floral design on the bed sheet is a square shape. Secondly, the pillow covers also are not consumed with floral patterns. However, they are neatly printed at the bottom of the pillow. White cotton sheets with a square floral design will make the bed appear large. Click here to purchase this bedsheet from

Vintage design Bed sheet (300 Thread count)

Give a rustic feel to your room with this vintage bed sheet. Additionally, if you do have a set of bookshelf, a study table, a warm yellow light, and probably a room colored cream or pastel, this vintage bed sheet if a good fit for your room. Get the nostalgic feel of the vintage sepia look with this bed sheet. A 100% cotton sheet fabric with 300 Thread count makes it a durable and comfortable fit for a good nights sleep. This knitted design bed sheet is available on Pepper Fry. Click here to purchase 

Geographic Design Bed sheet

If you like traveling and love to sleep on geographical design sheets. This bed sheet will surely suffice your need for one. If you have a dark-colored room like red, blue, navy blue, or even black, this dull-colored bed sheet can give it a unique touch. Often associated with people who love vintage, linear designs, and also words printed on their sheet, you can always pick this WORLD design sheet from Urban Dream, which is available on Click here to purchase this bed sheet

Contrast Pillow and bed sheet 

Give a twist to the same color run of bed sheet and pillow cover with this set of contract mix and match bed sheet and pillow cover set. Similarly, you can bring to life the pillows on your bed with a contrasting color with your bed sheet set and yet have a beautiful bed assemble. This set from SEJ by Nisha Gupta is available on Click here to purchase

Theme Bed sheets Set

Every bed sheet has a design, but having a theme is something new. Get a King Size bed astronomy-themed bed sheet and pillow to match with the things in your room. Likewise, you like storytelling as well as you like to link everything in your office from study to the wardrobe to the bed. A themed bed sheet is for you. It has a single star and moon theme running over it from the bed sheet to the pillow cover. Who knew even bedsheets could narrate a story. Click here to purchase this Amazon bed sheet

Broad border design

Sometimes you have an extra-large bed that tries to grab the entire rooms attention towards itself. You can reduce the size appearance of it by adding a small design and large border design bed sheets. Small design at the center gives the appearance of a smaller bed. Similarly, it doesn’t make your bed the center of attraction of the room. But giving it just the amount of attention it needs. Click here to purchase this bed sheet from

Plain Bed sheet Set

If your room has wallpaper design or you have wall handing furniture like bookshelves, paintings, etc. It is best to keep the bed sheet with minimal configuration. Plain bed sheets with no design speak about the bold color. The color can be reds, blues, or even the classic plain whites. Plain bed sheets look good in a room where there the furniture already speaks a lot for itself. There is no need to add more design even on the bed to make it a jargon of designs altogether. Click here to purchase simple plain sheets from

Ombre Bed sheets set

Give your room a touch with playful ombre pattern bed sheets. From darker to a lighter shade of the color palette will make your bed look classy and trendy. Ombre color bed sheets are the latest trend in the market. This bedsheet from SPACES is available on Additionally, the fabrics are 100% cotton sheets and have the mustard palette colors on it. Click here to purchase from