It’s not the big changes but the small changes in life that matter. These small furniture makeover changes in your home will surely give your house a unique new look. A small change can go a big way.

Display unit cum Book Shelf

The trend for having a showcase in the house is long gone. It occupied a huge space and usually got overcrowded with things. This wall unit is made from engineered wood and is simple white and brown. You can keep this unit attached to one corner wall of the house. You can place artificial flower vases books, or artifacts to enhance the beauty of this product. The white wood gives it a completely modern look.Click here to purchase this display unit from 

Modern Book Shelf

You can keep this bookshelf standing at one corner of the house. It is made from teak wood. It has a unique design in the middle. Original dark brown color wood will make your room look rich and rustic at the same time. The decorative boxes in the middle of the furniture can be also used to keep family photographs or real plants. This unique piece of furniture will add to the beauty to the house as it will easily gel in with other wooden furniture makeover changes. Click here to purchase this furniture

Corner bookshelf

This corner bookshelf looks extremely chick. When you have an empty corner and don’t know what to do about it. You can keep your best collection of books on the bookshelf and make it a small library. This corner if your house will have a beautiful look to it. You can keep a modern bean bag or a lazy couch to sleep or sit and read. Click here to purchase this stand from Pepper

Modern Carpet or Rug

You can slip this contemporary carpet on your floor to make your house look much cozier. If you like a more modern feel to your house and don’t want to indulge yourself in a normal Persian rug you can opt for this blue to grey ombre rub. It looks very modern and can add to the beauty of your house makeover. Available on by Status. Click here to purchase

Ohio Two Seater Sofa

It always gets uncomfortable for friends who come over at your place to be sitting on the sofa for longer hours. But sofa cum recliner has made life much easier. You can straight away the pull-up recliner and keep your legs at the same height and sit in a more relaxed manner. In short, when you are binge-watching TV series you can get comfortable and enjoy your show on this sofa seater. Click here to purchase this to seater recliner from

Blue Light cluster

Often when we purchase lights we make it point that it looks fabulous during the evening time when it has been lit. But during the day it just looks like a piece of glass and rods put together. Some of these lights come like bare bulbs which are modern but don’t add any beauty during the day time. This blue metal light assemble it looks every bit of imperial beauty during the day time. This blue against the light-colored walls makes it look like a piece of art. Likewise, at night these blue lights emit warm yellow light which makes it even more beautiful. Click here to purchase this light from

Lounge Chair

If you don’t want to indulge in a recliner. You can opt for this lounge chair. It a classic piece of chair and an ottoman. You can easily relax on this chair reading or watching television. The bright red colored cushion makes it a vibrant addition to your home furniture makeover changes. Additionally,is a handcrafted decor from Akriti Art Creations available on Click here to purchase 

A modern Ganesha Art

You can dd this lively painted Ganesh painting to your wall. A plain wall with this vibrant painting will bring to life your wall or corridor in the house. It will give your guests a good feeling to look at the painting. Painting like these are available online on 

You can also opt for Krishna Radha, or Buddha or Shiva painting to enhance the beauty of your plain wall. Click here to purchase this painting online

Tribal Storage Trunk

There is a lot of things you need in your living room but you also need to put it away after use. A storage box is always useful in this case. To keep cushions, shawls, and bolsters in storage and use them as and when needed in your living room. It is a great addition to keep this storage in your large living room. Some of these storage comes with a sea above it, making it an extra seating arrangement for you or guests. Click here to purchase this  tribal design storage box

Wooden Wall Mounted Set Up Box Holder

Set up Box is usually adjusted on one of the furniture below the TV and a long string of wire runs across the wall. This beautiful addition of a wooden setup box holder is simply elegant. It not only keeps the setup box near to the Tv but has a beautiful design. You can fix this wooden setup box holder in your living room to make it look more grand and unique. Click here to purchase