A good time with family was a key take away from the lockdown. Parents who were unable to provide sufficient time for kids are now home in a lockdown with their kids. Wouldnt it be better if you were allowed to have a fun time outside? ShopWise understands your plight and is providing you with Lockdown Vacation Ideas.

Camping on the terrace

If you live in a villa or in a high rise building & have considerably older kids you can spend a night during on the building terrace. Set up a tent and get small emergency lights. You can stuff in some cozy pillows and bedsheets. You can have a wonderful night out with family or with friends with some slow music, card, and board games or even some ghost stories. One essential that you will require during this activity is a good quality tent. Feel the cool breeze of the monsoon and some fresh air while sleeping in these tents. Click here to purchase one and set camping.

Beach outing

If you live near the coastal area you can take your family on an odd day of the week for a beach outing. It would be great if the beach is lonely with a few people around. Pack your own food and water for this trip. Enjoy a few hours of outing with family with swimming and building sandcastles. Carry this chiller box for cold drinks as you may need some chilled drinks while enjoying the seaside. Click here to purchase this chiller box from Aristo Chiller is a 25 Liter Box and keeps food warm or cold for a longer duration.

Barbecue in the lawn/ backyard/ balcony

Grill some amazing food and share a good time with loved ones during the lockdown. A barbeque can also give rest to your mom or wife who has been cooking tirelessly during the lockdown. Click here to purchase the Hy Tec barbeque stand with 7 free skewers. It also comes with a warming rack that can be used to heat food on the coal.


Do you have a high-end camera or phone with a hi-end camera that you have been thinking to put for a good use for a long time? Take your camera and head down the street or wear your mask and drive to the outskirts and capture some beautiful images. When you travel alone, there is a low risk. Likewise, the precautionary measures are to be taken. Spot a rare bird or insect and share it with the world on your social media account. Click here to purchase this Tri-Pod stand from Amazon that will be helpful to get still and better images from your device. 


If you have your house in the suburbs or int he city this is the best time to go a long ride with your cycle. During a lockdown there are no shops open. However, you can always select a bike from Amazon.com. Triad M3 has an alloy frame design and is perfect for mountain rides. The tires and the gear are perfectly build to cushion you back for a long ride across the city or area. Click here to purchase a bike from Amazon.com