The Indian top or Kurti are designed in various ways that it looks pretty as a formal wear as well as casual wear. Make a style statement whenever you wear a Kurti to work or a party. Here a ist of Kurtis you must have in your wardrobe.

A printed design Kurti

It depends on how you like to wear your prints. If you like a small design or a full printed Kurti, you can always go for the print design that suits you the best. This printed Kurti will look great on a blue jeans or even a white or maroon pant. You can wear it as a formal wear to work. The overprint design is small and subtle that doesn’t give an impression of overdone print. Click here to purchase it online 

Standing (Chinese) collar Kurti

A standing collar Kurti looks more professional if you wear it at work. It gives your neck a slimmer look and makes it look longer adding to your height. This Kurti from Myntra looks great on a black office pants or even blue jeans with sandals. You can also team with a blazer and it will look simply stylish. Click here to purchase this online from Myntra.

An abstract design Kurti

To give your Kurti design a western touch you can go for an abstract design Kurti. They come in the same shape as that of the Kurti but will have more modern design rather than traditional prints. The colors on this Kurti from Myntra look very appealing and give it a western clothing look. However, it does the same job as that of a Kurti. It provides you the much-needed comfort, the length of the Kurti is great for comfortable office wear and also you can wear it with an overcoat if you have a meeting with a client or a presentation to give. Click here to purchase it online 

Pure Cotton Kurti

A pure cotton Kurti looks great and rich at any given time. It is a very good fabric for the skin. Especially if you are going to wear it for a full day, there is no other fabric as comfortable as pure cotton. The simple design in colorful blue thread gives this Kurti a very trendy look. Click here to purchase this from

Boho Kurti

Leaving aside the traditional wear go Boho in this hip Kurti Designed by Ritu Kumar. Get a stylish look and look more vibrate with this colorful blue Kurti. It has flared sleeves and embroidery design all over the Kurti, yet making it look more simple and elegant when worn. Don’t miss on this one especially if you love to make a style statement where ever you go. Click here to purchase it

Bright colored Kurti

A bright-colored Kurti looks great during summer days. When you cannot wear dark-colored clothes as they absorb more of the heat.  Keep handy a bright color Kurti to make any dull day look more vibrant and cheerful. A yellow color Kurti by Anubhutee issuer selection for Dull day. Click here to purchase it from

Classic white Kurti

Keep ourselves ready for the traditional days and national days celebration at work with this white color Kurti. You can wear it for Independence day celebration or republic day or even for Raksha Bandhan. Where you need to dress minimal and subtle color. A simple white Kurti with bold embroidery design looks great with blue jeans or even a palazzo pant. Click here to purchase online 

Floral Design Kurti

Mostly Kurti comes in plain design or in mandala designs. But give your style a twist with this floral Kurti from Rain and Rainbow. It has a beautiful pink floral design on a pastel blue fabric. With black embroidered button and pipping. It looks regal and can be worn from formal events and even office wear. Additionally, this Kurti is made from pure cotton material. Click here to purchase it online

Kaftan Kurti

Feel comfortable in this kaftan style Kurti designed by Ritu Kumar collections. You can wear these when you are shopping, or catching up with friends. Adorn it with a formal belt on the high waist are and it will give your body a more sleek look and be formal wear ready. It is easy to move around in a kaftan design as it barely touches your skin and gives you a more free feeling while you walk the streets on a busy Monday evening. Click here to purchase this from

High Collar Kurti with 3/4th sleeves 

A Kurti that can be worn as a shirt with this collared design. It looks pretty as formal wear and can be worn on pants and leggings alike. It is a great comfortable office wear and also a formal evening wear Kurti style. Tie your hair up in a bun with pearl earrings and get the stylish office look in the collared Kurti. Click here to purchase it online from Myntra

Simple embroidered Kurti

This Kurti from Here & Now is a simple design that you can wear for your regular outings. What is beautiful about it is the pleats that come n the front of the Kurti make it looks like a formal top. A crisp iron on this Kurti will surely make a lasting impression. Additional small embroidery designs with blue threads make it look more rich and elegant piece of fabric. Click here to purchase it online